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Your care is our number one priority, we look forward to meeting you.  You will find some helpful information on this page to prepare for your visit.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

    Patient Check List:

    • Patient Registration Form ( Download Now )
    • Insurance Policy ( View our accepted providers)
    • Identification such as driver's license.
    • List of medications you are taking
    • Any blood test results taken in the last 6 months
    • Primary care physician reports
    • Any other health related reports that would assist your physician.
    • If you are coming in for a colonoscopy please read our colonoscopy preparation content below.



    Insurances We Participate With

    The following insurance companies are the ones we participate with.   Please bring your most current insurance card so that we may properly process your visit with your insurance company.

    • Aetna

    • HI Laborer’s – Pacific Admin

    • HI Electrician

    • HMAA

    • HMSA

    • Humana

    • MDX

    • Medicaid

    • Medicare

    • Ohana

    • UHA

    • UHC

    Colonoscopy Preparation

    A colonoscopy is a procedure to visualize the inside of your lower digestive tract, ie colon and rectum. Colon cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer death, screening with a colonoscopy can help to reduce that risk. It also can help find the source of stomach pain, bleeding and diarrhea.  The doctor may remove a small tissue sample (biopsy) for testing.  Small growths, such as polyps may also be removed. The entire colonoscopy procedure takes about 30 minutes.

    Please arrive 45 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

    Your colonoscopy will take place about 30-60 minutes after you arrive.  Some procedures may take longer than others. Please allow about 2 hours for your total visit.

    Medication Instructions

    • If you are on any blood thinning medications or antiplatelet medications such as: Aggrenox, Brilinta, Clopidogrel, Coumadin, Effient, Eliquis, Elmiron, Persantine, Plavix, Pletal, Pradaxa, Salvaysa/Edoxaban, Ticlid, Warfarin, or Xarelto, please call our office to discuss these medicines at least one week before your scheduled procedure.
    • Stop iron and fiber supplements one week before your procedure.
    • Please discuss with our office if you are taking narcotics.
    • If you are an insulin or diabetic, please contact your doctor that prescribes your diabetic medicine to discuss management as you will need instructions on dosing changes before your procedure.
    • You may take Tylenol and all other medicines that are not listed above.

    5 days before your Procedure

    • Please try to reduce the fiber in your diet. This is important in order to reduce dietary residue and facilitate the clean out process.
      • High fiber foods include fruits, vegetables, nuts including but not limited to: whole grains, cereals, oats, asparagus, beans, broccoli, corn, carrots, peas, apples, bananas, oranges, pears and strawberries.
    • Pick up NuLYTELY (1 gallon) from your pharmacy (this is a prescription laxative that will be sent electronically to your preferred pharmacy).
    • Purchase 4 Dulcolax (5 mg) tablets (over the counter laxative).
    • Purchase 4 gas tablets (Simethicone, Gas-X, or Mylanta-Gas- over the counter).

    1 day before your procedure

    • DO NOT eat anything solid.
    • Take all routine medicine, unless you have been told otherwise.
    • You may have white toast and egg whites or a plain bagel and coffee or tea with breakfast
    • After breakfast, start a clear liquid diet.
      • A clear liquid diet includes: water, tea, coffee (no milk/cream), Kool-aid (no red, purple, or blue), carbonated drinks (Coke, Pepsi, any diet), Jell-O (not red, purple, or blue), fruit ice, popsicles, clear broth, bouillon, juice (apple, white cranberry, and white grape), Crystal Light, Propel, Gatorade, hard candy and sugar (for coffee).
      • DO NOT use milk or cream in coffee.
      • You may have Ensure or Boost, but only until 3 PM.
    • At 5:00pm, take 4 Dulcolax tablets.
    • At 6:00pm, mix the NuLYTELY into one gallon of water and begin drinking. You will drink only 1/2 gallon (2 quarts) this evening. Drink 8 ounces every 15 minutes (1 quart per hour) until 1/2 of the solution is gone.
    • At 9:00pm, take 2 gas tablets (do not take with food as pharmacy instructions state).
    • At 10:00pm, take an additional 2 gas tablets (do not take with food).

    Once you start taking the colon prep, you will start passing many stools and you will likely have some stomach cramping and bloating. You may use petroleum jelly for rectal soreness. If you throw up, stop drinking for 30 minutes, then try again. You may consume a candy or lozenge to help with your prep. When you are done drinking the 1/2 gallon of Nulytely, please stay on a clear liquid diet only.

    Although it is best to split your doses of Nulytely, if you are scheduled for an early morning procedure (before 9:00 am) or have a long travel time, you may complete all of your solution the night prior to your procedure.

    The day of your procedure:

    • 6 hours before your appointment time: drink the rest of the gallon (2 quarts) of NuLYTELY. Drink 8 ounces every 15 minutes until the gallon is gone.

    You may continue on a clear liquid diet until 3 hours prior to your colonoscopy. Please have nothing to drink after this time (including water).

    You will need to bring someone who can stay during the colonoscopy and drive you home.

    • Bring a driver with a valid driver's license.
    • We will not be able to perform your procedure if you do not have a ride home.
    • You cannot take a taxi or uber home.

    A urine pregnancy test may be required on all women of childbearing age before any endoscopy procedure.  Be prepared to give a urine sample when you arrive.

    After your colonoscopy, please do not stay home alone, use heavy machinery, drive, or make legal decisions for the rest of the day. It will not be safe for you to return to work on the day of your colonoscopy. You may continue your normal activities the following day.

    We appreciate the opportunity to take part in your care and wish to provide an excellent experience for your colonoscopy.  In order for us to perform a high quality exam, it is important that your colon be adequately clean.  As such, we ask that you read all instructions at least 1 week before your colonoscopy.  Not following these instructions may result in a suboptimal exam which may mean your repeat procedure will need to be performed sooner. We recommend a split prep as the safest and most effective prep which allows us to detect more precancerous polyps, potentially preventing cancer.

    Possible Risks

    As with all medical procedures, there are possible risks involved with endoscopic procedures which include but are not limited to:

    • A reaction to the medication given for sedation.  You will be given a narcotic pain medication and a sedative that will cause you to forget what happens during the procedure.
    • Bleeding may occur if a polyp has been removed. This occurs in 2.9-8.7 in 1,000 patients who have had a polyp removed.
    • Bowel perforation which could require a surgical repair. This occurs in 1-3 in 1,000 patients.
    • Missed polyp or other abnormality.
    • Inflammation at the IV site.


    We will do are very best to provide accurate documentation to your insurance carrier. Although most insurance carrier cover a colonoscopy for indicated reasons, we cannot guarantee insurance coverage for your procedure. You ultimately are responsible for checking with your insurance company about payment for services.